Council Decision (CFSP) 2022/430 of 15 March 2022

Council Decision (CFSP) 2022/430 of 15 March 2022 amending Decision 2014/512/CFSP concerning restrictive measures in view of Russia’s actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, the President of the Russian Federation announced a military operation in Ukraine and Russian armed forces began an attack on Ukraine. That attack is a blatant violation of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. In its conclusions of 24 February 2022, the European Council condemned in the strongest possible terms the Russian Federation’s unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine. By its illegal military actions, Russia is grossly violating international law and the principles of the UN Charter and undermining European and global security and stability. The European Council called for the urgent preparation and adoption of a further individual and economic sanctions package. In view of the gravity of the situation, and in response to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, it is appropriate to introduce further restrictive measures. In particular, it is appropriate to prohibit all transactions with certain state-owned companies. It is also appropriate to prohibit the provision of any credit rating services, as well as access to any subscription services in relation to credit rating activities, to any Russian person or entity. Moreover, it is appropriate to tighten the export restrictions regarding dual-use goods and technology as well as goods and technology which might contribute to the technological enhancement of Russia’s defence and security sector, and to expand the list of persons connected to Russia’s defence and industrial base, which are subject to those restrictions. Furthermore, it is appropriate to prohibit new investments in the Russian energy sector, and to introduce a comprehensive export restriction on equipment, technology and services for the energy industry in Russia, with the exception of nuclear industry and the downstream sector of energy transport. Finally, it is appropriate to introduce further trade restrictions concerning iron and steel, as well as luxury goods. Further action by the Union is needed in order to implement certain measures. Decision 2014/512/CFSP should therefore be amended accordingly.

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