Functions of the Sanctions Monitoring Board and responsibilities under the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act

The national competent authority in Malta for sanctions implementation is the Sanctions Monitoring Board which is set up under the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act.

SMB Functions:

The Sanctions Monitoring Board is responsible for the following:

  • Ensure compliance of sanctions issued by the United Nations Security Council, the Council of the European Union and national sanctions issued in accordance with the National interest (Enabling Powers) Act;
  • Propose the listing and de-listing of persons and entities to the United Nations Sanctions Council, the Council of the European Union or under the national mechanism.;
  • Receive and consider applications from designated persons or entities for de-listing, or unfreezing of property, either because the criteria for designation or freezing are no longer met or because the designation was erroneously made
  • Authorize access to frozen funds or other assets which the Board determines to be necessary for basic expenses, for the payment of reasonable costs and fees for legal, medical, professional or other essential services, or for documented extraordinary expenses;
  • The Board may also take decisions, make recommendations, grant authorizations, issue rulings, issue guidance and notices, and refer to the relevant authorities for action, assistance or information and have such other functions that may be assigned to it by the Prime Minister, through regulations made under the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act.