Members of the Sanctions Monitoring Board

The Sanctions Monitoring Board is regulated by the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act and is comprised of eighteen officials, acting collectively and representing the following Ministries/Authorities:

  1. Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade (Chairman),
  2. Office of the Attorney General;
  3. Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit;
  4. Malta Security Services;
  5. Malta Police;
  6. Office of the Prime Minister;
  7. Ministry for Home Affairs;
  8. Ministry responsible for Defence;
  9. Ministry of Finance;
  10. Ministry responsible for the Economy;
  11. Trade Department;
  12. Customs Department;
  13. Central Bank of Malta;
  14. Malta Financial Services Authority;
  15. Ministry responsible for maritime affairs;
  16. Ministry responsible for aviation matters;
  17. Ministry responsible for lands;
  18. Ministry responsible for immigration matters.