EU Sanctions Whistleblower Tool

The European Commission has rolled out a whistle-blower tool to facilitate the reporting of possible sanctions violations. This is a secure online platform, which whistle-blowers from around the world can use to anonymously report past, current, or planned EU sanctions violations.

Although EU sanctions are adopted by the Council of the EU, Member States remain responsible for their enforcement, including through the application of penalties in case of sanctions violations. The European Commission monitors the implementation and enforcement of EU sanctions across Member States.

Sharing first-hand information may be helpful in uncovering cases of sanctions violations, including evasion and circumvention. By voluntarily providing the European Commission with information about EU sanctions violations of which you might be aware, you could be helping the Commission investigate such practices and ensure sanctions compliance in the EU.

To access the tool, learn how your anonymity is protected, and report a sanctions violation, please copy paste or manually re-type the following URL for security reasons: in your browser.

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